How to Make Government Look Even More Illegitimate

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

What you can do in your everyday life to knock down these pillars of sand Big Brother erects in his (dis)honor.

We get better treatment by those who actually care about our satisfaction, from the people that work at bagging our groceries than we do from our grossly mis-named “public servants.” Most folks complain under their breath if at all, but now the mess government has accrued has become way too big to sweep under the rug. Big Brother has irked everyone and in a big way. It has become glaringly illegitimate to everyone.

Uncle Sham was not content to just devalue all our money and order us to smile and be “good citizens” while he smacked us around. He was not satisfied snooping in on our phones and emails, snatching our property, and ordering us around.

No good people, he had to take it up a notch and pile numerous insults onto the ever growing heap of injuries done to you and me. I feel the tipping point will be that piece of plastic in your wallet when you go to your bank’s ATM and it tells you “sorry pal, your worthless money got swiped from you.” Wait in line at IndyMac or WaMu if you like, but you’re going to be real disappointed when the teller informs you that not only was your account cleaned out by two-bit charlatans with ill-intent, but the real kick in the head is that you’re going to be billed for this fiasco.…


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