Plymouth, PA Cops Assault Me and Terrorize My Toddler Son Right Outside My Home | Arm your Mind for Liberty

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mark Anthony Lacy

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  3. Followup on My Assault at the Hands of Plymouth Township Cops 14 Oct 2009

It was a beautiful autumn day in the Delaware Valley – until some thugs on the payroll of the Plymouth, PA police department assaulted me and terrorized my son just steps from my home. How did this happen? On this warm fall day I took my little one out for some needed exercise in the nearby park, to see the falling leaves and let him win foot races in classic turtle-and-hare style. I did all this while securely carrying a holstered firearm on my hip because my son is simply too precious to put at risk.

Unwilling to Prove He is a Cop

Back on the street, outside the park, just steps from our home, a dark blue crown victoria pulled up behind me and asked if we could talk. I asked about what? He said I was carrying a gun. I said that open carry is legal in Pennsylvania. He claimed he was a cop so I asked for badge, badge number and bond number but he did not comply except for a brief glance at the badge on his belt.

Am I Legally Required to Provide Identication?

He asked if I had ID and I asked him if I was legally required to give it. He said it would make it easier or some other nonsense so I did not give it. Looking back, had I reached for it I might be in jail or worse right now since my pistol was on the same side as my wallet. Later he claimed that I refused to cooperate in his “investigation” and when I denied it he claimed I was lying


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