Confirmed: Machete Is A Race War Epic

September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Comment from Alex Jones: Robert Rodriguez is a liar – when a script for Machete was leaked back in May, I pointed out that the film contained numerous elements that were highly offensive and could easily kick-start a race war. Rodriguez claimed that these scenes had been edited or removed for the final version. They were not – every part of the original script remains in the film almost word for word.

When a Cinco De Mayo political trailer for the movie was released in reaction to the Arizona immigration situation, Rodriguez again claimed that this was satire and not representative of the film. In fact, the movie contains everything that appeared in this trailer and a lot more (including Jessica Alba’s provocative “the border crossed us” rallying cry).

This movie is sickening. Myself and six members of the Infowars team all left the theater feeling physically ill. The film opens with Texans butchering pregnant illegal aliens and the propaganda only gets more virulent, including references to serial killer Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter vision of race war, sterotyping the Minutemen as murderers of illegal aliens, when in reality they have never harmed anyone, showing  Texans butchering a priest, and talk of “resettling America” in the context of the extremist reconquista racial movement.

This movie is not a joke. It is race war propaganda hastily disguised behind a stylized, bloodthirsty black comedy.…


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