Dearborn’s ‘moderate’ Muslims burn effigies of Florida pastor « Creeping Sharia

September 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Muslims misrepresenting America, but representing Islam well. (Photo via NIRAJ WARIKOO/DFP)

Chanting “burn, baby, burn,” a group of Muslims in Dearborn lit ablaze Friday night effigies of Pastor Terry Jones of Florida and Osama bin Laden in a protest against religious extremism.

Led by Dearborn attorney Majed Moughni, the group burned a pair of dolls holding hands that were dressed up to represent Jones, the Florida pastor who has plans to burn Qurans, and of Osama bin Laden, the terrorist behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

“They both represent the murder, killing, and war against America,” Moughni said before the blaze was lit with a Bic lighter. As the flames flickered on his lawn in Dearborn, Moughni added: “Pastor Terry Jones. Osama bin Laden. It’s getting hot in here, it’s getting real hot.”

Moughni told the Free Press he wanted to burn both of them on the lawn at his home on the eve of the Sept. 11 anniversary because he said both represent religious extremists who should “burn in hell.”

“We’re watching as the holiest book in Islam is under attack,” Moughni said. “This is to show we’re against what pastor Jones is doing. We’re not going to be quiet. We’re going to speak up.”

Too bad Muslims don’t speak up against Islamic terrorism and sharia law, even when Muslims are most often the victims.

The burning of effigies is usually seen in Muslim countries, where protesters will burn representations of people they are angry with. The Dearborn burning took place in a fire pit on Moughni’s lawn. As the flames lit up the night sky, some took pictures and others clapped. Several U.S. flags were on display near the fire as a show of patriotism.

When you try to burn the Koran … you are telling the Muslims around the world, this war is a war” against Islam, Moughi said.…


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